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PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Their Government,Who are the underbanked?

WebSocial Video Factory Web26/10/ · Key Findings. California voters have now received their mail ballots, and the November 8 general election has entered its final stage. Amid rising prices and economic uncertainty—as well as deep partisan divisions over social and political issues—Californians are processing a great deal of information to help them choose state constitutional WebAbout Our Coalition. Prop 30 is supported by a coalition including CalFire Firefighters, the American Lung Association, environmental organizations, electrical workers and businesses that want to improve California’s air quality by fighting and preventing wildfires and reducing air pollution from vehicles WebKnihkupectví Wales je nejstarší knihkupectví zaměřené na sci-fi a fantasy knihy. Nabízí také knihy z oblasti hororů a dále časopisy, komiksy, karetní Web22/07/ · The Mixed Logic Style based Low Power and High Speed One-bit Binary adder for SOI designs AT 32NM Technology Chaitanya Kommu 1, A Daisy Rani 2. Data Leakage Prevention System: A Systematic Report Composite Material Robot Manipulator with Joint Flexibility- Mode and Mode Shape Simulation Ramalingam S 1, Rasool ... read more

To browse Academia. edu and the wider internet faster and more securely, please take a few seconds to upgrade your browser. Mark S Daskin. Matin Bagherpour. In this paper, a case is considered where a distribution center warehouse of an auto spare parts company receives orders regularly. Warehouse management is interested in assigning available vehicles to picked orders in such a way that lead time remains lower than a threshold, and transportation cost per unit money of received orders is minimized.

Since the company receives orders dynamically and arrival of new orders can provide it with the opportunity to improve existing decided distribution paths, the problem better be solved several times a day in a dynamic manner. In the course of globalization, the pressure on today's …. Lorena Sales. Gunduz Ulusoy. Massimiliano M. Giulio Di Gravio. Jagannathan 1 , A. Mohammed Faisal 2. A Wireless Wearable Back Angle Measurement System for Sports and Therapeutic Applications Ramandeep Singh Chowdhary 1 , Mainak Basu 2.

Health Status of Tribals at Kallakinaru, Kodaikanal Hills, Tamil Nadu M. Shanmugapriya 1 , S. Sugumar 2. Enhancing Prediction of Prosthetic Fingers Movement Based on sEMG using Mixtures of Features and Random Forest Wafaa N. Al-Sharu 1 , Ali Mohammad Alqudah 2. Improving Security through Software Defined Networking SDN : AN SDN based Model Pradeep Kumar Sharma 1 , S. Tyagi 2. Development of Black Oil Correlations for approximation of PVT properties for Integrated Production Modeling for Heera Oil Field Ajoy Lal Dutta 1 , Minati Das 2.

A Versitile Method to Design a Three Fingered Robotic Arm using Cad and Matlab Technique KommuriVenkatesh 1 , A. Purushotham 2. Occupational Health and Safety of Workers in Pharmaceutical Industries Shivani Khanna 1 , Geeta Kumari 2 , Hemant Bhanawat 3 , K. Pandey 4. Legal Politic in Providing Infrastructure in Indonesia, is Human Right Still Have Any Places? Ricca Anggraeni 1 , Indah Mutiara Sari 2. DC-DC Buck Boost Converter For Renewable and Biomedical Application based Real-Time IoT Shwetha.

Lakshmi 2. Business Intelligence using Data Mining Techniques for Salon Industry Padma R 1 , Josephene Sheeba S 2 , Thirumurthi Raja A 3. Enhanced Chaotic Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm Based PID Controller for Automatic Voltage Regulator System G.

Saravanan 1 , D. Sathish Kumar 2 , A. Mohamed Ibrahim 3 , C. Karthikeyan 4. The Effect of Financial Compensation and Flexibility of Working Hours on Telecommuting Employee Performance Melva Hermayanty Saragih 1 , Mettalia Tania 2 , Lidya Kartika Idris 3 , Yovan Prajnajaya 4. The Mixed Logic Style based Low Power and High Speed One-bit Binary adder for SOI designs AT 32NM Technology Chaitanya Kommu 1 , A Daisy Rani 2. Data Leakage Prevention System: A Systematic Report Sheela Gowr. P 1 , Kumar.

Power Control Schemes for Interference Management in LTE-Advanced Heterogeneous Networks Amandeep 1 , Sanjeev Kumar 2 , Vikas Chauhan 3 , Hari Saroop 4.

Design and Development of an Intelligent Aqua Monitoring System using Cloud Based Online Access Control Systems Ms. Shalinee Gupta 1 , S S P M Sharma B 2. Effectiveness of Digital Marketing Initiatives in Improving the Performance of Banks with Special Reference to HDFC Bank Chetanya Singh. Broadband and Efficient Full Wave Rectenna for Wireless Energy Sharanbasappa B Belamgi 1 , Sudhabindu Ray 2. Hybrid DFIG Driven Wind Turbine — Grid Systems Modeling and Control for Reliable Source Sally El-Tawab 1 , Ibrahim Nassar 2 , Mohammed Mehanna 3.

Classification and Change Detection of Tirupati Urban Area using Erosion and Dilation Based PCA Transform M.

Dharani 1 , G. Sreenivasulu 2. Interpretation and Translation of American Sign Language for Hearing Impaired Individuals using Image Processing Shreyas Rajan 1 , Rahul Nagarajan 2 , Akash Kumar Sahoo 3 , M. Gowtham Sethupati 4. An Efficient Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Resource Provisioning in Cloud M.

Aliyu 1 , M. Murali 2 , A. Gital 3 , S. Boukari 4. Secure Cloud Data Audit using Protocol and Digital Signature Techniques Prakash G L 1 , Manish Prateek 2 , Inder Singh 3.

Joint Responsibility of the Parent Company under Obligations of Subsidiary Company Tatiana Vitalievna Melnikova 1 , Yuliya Vladimirovna Shalyaeva 2 , Evgeny Stepanovich Shcheblyakov 3 , Anjelica Alisherovna Kuzhleva 4.

Optimization of Roller Burnishing Process for Improved Surface Finish, Electrical Conductivity and Grain Area for Al Alloy Kamesh B, Amrita. Venkataramana 2. Evaluation of HEN controllability M. Gouda 1 , M. Kaoud 2 , S. Awad 4. Design and Analysis of 1×2 Circular Patch Antenna Array for 2. A Systematic Method for Hardware Software Codesign using Vivado HLS Pranitha. K 1 , Kavya. Prediction of Stock Prices using Random Forest and Support Vector Machines S.

Arun Kumar 1 , Abhishek Jha 2 , Shashank Shekhar 3 , Ashutosh Kumar Singh 4. Cost Analysis Based Algorithm for Load Shared Multiple Induction Motor Set-up Roopa Nayak 1 , Andhe Pallavi 2. Integrated Secure Health Domain System using IoT Nagarjuna Valeti 1 , V. Ceronmani Sharmila 2. Escape Velocity backed avalanche predictor- Neural evidence from Nifty Bikramaditya Ghosh 1 , Emira Kozarević 2. Two-Step Verification Technique for Isolation of Black hole Attack in MANETs A Sai Venkateshwar Rao 1 , Siddhartha Chauhan 2.

A Novel Battery Management System for Series Parallel Connected Li-Ion Battery Pack for Electric Vehicle Application Premananda Pany. Technology Gaps among South East Asia Countries from the Perspective of Technology Achievement Index Chyntia Ika Ratnapuri 1 , Tutik Inayati 2.

Barriers in Adoption of IFRS in Developed and Developing Economies: TIFS Framework Mohd. Junaid Ahmad 1 , Mohd. Moneef Ahmad 2 , Anuddin 3 , Mohd.

Ajmal 4. How to Direct a Mutual-Fund Portfolio by Walking Through Common Strategies Gangu Naidu Mandala 1 , Suresh Sirisetti 2 , Venkta Ramakrishna Rao Gandreti 3 , S. Anjani Devi 4. SeSPHR: A Methodology for Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in the Cloud Boggula Lakshmi 1 , B. Madhuravani 2 , B. Veda Vidya 3 , C. Sowjanya 4. Enhancing Reading Skills of Engineering Students Shreeja Ghanta. Experimental Programme on FRC with OPC only and FRC with OPC and Mineral Admixtures N.

Sanjeev 1 , Katta Manoj 2 , T. Sampath Kumar Reddy 3 , T. Sairam 4. Breast Cancer Classification using SVM Classifier E. Karthikeyan 1 , S. Venkatakrishnan 2. A Hexagonal Topological and Hop-Count based Geographic Routing Protocol for WMNS Suraj Malik 1 , Paramjeet Rawat 2 , Rakesh Kumar 3.

A Novel Video Game Recommender System using Content Based Filtering -Vidya Krishna Chythanya. N 1 , Krishna Bhargavi. Rohan 3. Machine Learning Based Network Anomaly Detection Mohammad Kazim Hooshmand 1 , Doreswamy 2. Genetic Algorithm Based Optimum Solar Power Prediction by Environmental Features for Indian Railway Stations Sanjeev Kumar Sukalikar 1 , S. Awasthi 2. Count Vectorized Spam and Ham Discernment of Short Message Service using Machine Learning Classification M.

Shyamala Devi 1 , Kamma Rahul 2 , Manubolu Satheesh 3 , Koruprolu Rajasekhar 4 , Pittala Ganesh Kumar 5. Elderly Protection and Empowerment Towards Elderly Healthy, Independent, Quality, Creative and Productive Yatty Maryati. Dispositional Resistance to Change and User Resistance Behaviour to Use Human Resources Information Systems in the Healthcare Sector: The Moderating Role of Conscientiousness Abdulrahman Al Shikhy 1 , Zafir Mohamed Makhbul 2 , Zainab Ali Rawshdeh 3 , Rasidah Arshad 4 , Khairul Anuar Mohd Ali 5.

Socio-Cultural and Economic Impact of Kochi-Muziris Biennale Sujith A S 1 , Asha John 2. Detection of Microbial Activity in Raw Milk Balambigai Subramanian. EEG Correlates of Visual Signal Processing: Spectral Decomposition using ICA Vamsi Krishna Vadla 1 , Ramesh Naidu Annavarapu 2. Humaidi 2 , Abdulrahim Thiab Humod 3 , Ayad Q. Al-Dujaili 4. Image Completion using Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks Priyadharshini C 1 , S.

Usha Kiruthika 2 , Karan Poddar 3 , Karthikeyan V 4 , Balaji Babu 5. Automatic Source Code Summarization using Semantics and Stereotypes Chitti Babu. K 1 , Sethukarasi. Diversification and its Role in Improving Hotel Industry Businesses Competitiveness Natalia Goryushkina 1 , Lyudmila Petrova 2 , Tamara Khudyakova 3 , Nadezhda Tchuykova 4 , Nadezda Klimovskikh 5 , Natalia Voinova 6. Market Segmentation of Buying Behavior of Consumers of Health Care Products in Chandigarh India Geeta Kumari 1 , Varsha 2 , K.

Pandey 3. Magnetohydro Dynamic Steady Flow Between Two Parallel Porous Plates of a Viscous Fluid Under Angular Velocity with Inclined Magnetic Field R. Delhi Babu 1 , S. Ganesh 2 , V.

Yuvaraj 3. Experimentation of Emission Control on a Four Stroke Diesel Engine using an Eco-Friendly Silencer with Excess Air A. Dhanalakshmi 1 , M. Suresh 2 , A. Ravinthiran 3 , P. Pradeep kumar 4 , A. Saleem 5. Radio Reciprocal Membership Function on Cycle Related Graphs S. Antony Vinoth 1 , T. Bharathi 2. Long Short-Term Memory LSTM to Predict the Viewability of any Page Depth for any Given Dwell Time B.

Syamala 1 , G. Surekha 2 , Prabhu Mydukuri 3. Using Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology to Develop IS Strategic Planning Wahyu Sardjono 1 , Ivan Alexander 2 , Widhilaga Gia Perdana 3. User Satisfaction Affecting Factors in the Online Trading Systems Wahyu Sardjono 1 , Muhammad Savin 2. Knowledge Management Performance Evaluation in Government Organization Wahyu Sardjono 1 , Mohammad Savin 2. Emotional Intelligence Training Workshop and its Impact on Employee Performance: an Empirical Evaluation Divya Goel.

The Various Methods on Early Stage Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy Mrutyunjaya 1 , Sarika Raga 2. Bio-Oil from Coconut Shells Sasikumar. C 1 , Sundaresan. R 2 , Nagaraja. M 3 , Sivahari Shankar. S 4 , Karthikeyan.

Early Stage in Identifying Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD Through Screening and Diagnosis Che Ku Nuraini Che Ku Mohd 1 , Helmi Adly Mohd Noor 2 , Faaizah Shahbodin 3 , Suriawati Suparjoh 4 , Aliza Che Amran 5.

Effect of Sliding Velocity and Normal Applied Load on Wear Behavior of Al-Ti- Sic Composites for Automobile Brake Pad System Under Dry Sliding Condition B. SURESH 1 , P. NARESH 2. Fuzzy-DSM for Evaluating City-Forest Governance in Indonesia Ditdit Nugeraha Utama 1 , Safira Aulia Fadhillah 2 , Gerry Ikhtiyar 3 , Fazrin Al Banjari 4.

Social Entrepreneurship Among Students with Disabilities for Special Education Community using Digital Technology Che Ku Nuraini Che Ku Mohd 1 , Faaizah Shahbodin, Nurulizwa Abdul Rashid 2 , Zanariah Jano 3 , Samer Ali Hussein Al-Shami 4. Disease Prognosis by Machine Learning Over Big Data from Healthcare Communities M. Rajeswari 1 , A. Chandrasekar 2 , Nasiya PM 3.

Solving Economic Load Dispatch Problem using Grey Wolf Optimizer Method Krunalkumar J. Gandhi 1 , Nitin J. Patil 2. Fuzzy Positive Implicative and Fuzzy Associative WI-Ideals of Lattice Wajsberg Algebras C. Shajitha Begum 1 , A. Ibrahim 2. Factors Influencing the Technology Acceptance of Mobile Commerce in Malaysia by using the Revised UTAUT Model Mohammed A Sabri Alrawi 1 , Ganthan Narayana Samy 2 , RCM Yusoff 3 , B. Shanmugam 4. Experimental Research on Strength Properties of Concrete M60 Partially Fine Aggregate Replaced with Waste Crushed Glass G.

Lalitha 1 , C. Sashidhar 2 , C. Ramachandrudu 3. Acute Myelogenous Leukemia Detection using Circumventing Ant Colony Optimization based Convolutional Neural Network B.

Ramya 1 ,V. Uma Rani 2. A Novel Authentication Mechanism for Cognitive Radio Network B. Sarala 1 , S. Rukmani Devi 2 , M.

Suganthy 3 , S. Jhansi Ida 4. Getting Graft Cellulose Copolymers and Acrylic Monomers Rafikov A. Discovering Constraint-based Sequential Patterns from Medical Datasets M. Alzahrani 1 , Fokrul A. Mazarbhuiya 2. An Efficient Neural Network Model by Weight Roll Algorithm Siddhartha Dhar Choudhury 1 , Kunal Mehrotra 2 , Christhu Raj 3 , Rajeev Sukumaran 4.

Improving the Performance of Antnet Protocol using Performance Measures Modeling in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks T. Sudhakar 1 , H.

Hannah Inbarani 2. Optimization Technique for Approximate High Impact of Node Density for Two Hop Relay Manets Meerasharif Sheik 1 , Bobba Basaveswara Rao 2. Performance and Micro Structural Analysis of Portland Slag Cement Mortar Induced with Pozzolanic Additives P. Raja Priya 1 , V. Kannan 2. Extended Advanced Method of Clustering Big data to achieve high dimensionality N.

Sree Ram 1 , M. Krishna Prasad 2 , K. Satya Prasad 3. V-Groove Shape Effect on Tensile Strength of Metal Inert Gas Aluminum to Steel Welding Process M. Roslan 1 , A. Shaiful 2 , A. Beleed 3 , M. Omar 4 , S. Illias 5. Optimal River Interlinking using Data Driven Machine Learning Techniques Amitabha Nath 1 , Lalhmingliana 2 , Goutam Saha 3. Culinary Influence on Bengaluru as a Tourism Destination Usha Dinakaran 1 , Sushil Dwarkanath 2. Benchmarking of Graph Partitioning Tools and Techniques Anuja Bokhare 1 , P S Metkewar 2.

Soft Computing Techniques for Weather Change Predictions in Delhi Jibendu Kumar Mantri 1 , Suvendra Kumar Jayasingh 3. Impact of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana on the Productivity of Youth in Gwalior Region, India Mini Agrawal 1 , K. Thakur 2. OpenCV libraries for Benzene Image Processing Applications using Python Programming Vimal Babu U 1 , Ramakrishna M 2 , Nagamani M 3 , Sandeep Kumar 4.

Toponomic Analysis of World Countries: Degree of Learning, Toponimic Classification and Natural Geographical Aspects Examples of European Countriyes Khusnudin Bayqabilov 1 , Asqar Nigmatov 2 , Mirali Mirackmalov 3 , Nurbol Karakulov 4. Design and Analysis of Stage Progressive Die for a Sheet Metal Component Ahmad Razlee Ab Kadir 1 , Mohd Zaki Bin Abdul Razak 2 , Norzalina bt. Othman 3 , Muhammad Izham Arief Mohd Sani 4 , Pranesh Krishnan 5. Wired Sensor Systems for Water Quality Monitoring Minu.

S 1 , Priyanka Kumari 2 , Aniket Kumar Singh 3 , Avinash Singh 4. Enhancing Talent Management through Competency Mapping in Higher Education Province Manne Neelima Chaudhary 1 , A.

Geetha 2. Tourism Destination Competitiveness in UAE: The Role of Strategic Leadership and Strategic Planning Effectiveness Hamad Ali Salem Mahdi Alseiari 1 , Gamal S.

Khalifa 2 , Amyia Bhaumick 3. Farm Mechanization and its Behavioral Effects on Displaced Rice Workers of Region III Emelita C. Enhancement of Power Quality Using Fast Acting Unified Power Quality Conditioner UPQC Vipin Kumar Mishra 1 , Ritula Thakur 2. Measuring the Impact of Statistical Techniques for Computation of Weighting Factors in Avalanche Forecasting Model Neha Ajit Kushe 1 , Ganesh M.

Magar 2. Design of Low Power and High Speed Decoder and Priority Encoder using Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor for Binary Content Addressable Memory Array A. Gangadhar 1 , K. Babulu 2. Career Development Conundrum of Educational Institutions — An Introspection of Student Talent Management V. Mohana Sundari 1 , Challapalli Praseeda 2. Composite Material Robot Manipulator with Joint Flexibility- Mode and Mode Shape Simulation Ramalingam S 1 , Rasool Mohideen S 2 , Sridhar P S 3.

Technology Management: Strategic Model for Developing Nations S C Jain. Framework for Hybrid Book Recommender System based on Opinion Mining Anil Kumar 1 , Sonal Chawla 2.

A Solution to Cartpole using Neural Networks and Tensorflow Nishad Sandilya 1 , P Vinoth Kumar 2. Vulnerability Tracking in Cloud using Encryption K. Srinivas Rao 1 , CH. Anil 2 , E. Vijaya Kumari 3 , Y. Bhavitha 4. Influence of Expansive Agent on the Dimensional Stability and Mechanical Properties of Gypsum Plaster Raja M. Modeling and Simulation of Disturb and Detect Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm for Standalone Solar System Amr Refky 1 , Hamdy Abd El-Halim 2.

DM Processor Hardware Debugging on Linux Platform K. Yadaiah 1 , Vijayalaxmi Biradar 2. Social Media Use SMU for Teaching and Learning in Saudi Arabia Ibrahim Youssef Alyoussef 1 , Mahdi M Alamri 2 , Waleed Mugahed Al-Rahmi 3. Efficient Denoising by Feature Recovery from Residual Noise in Spatial Domain Amina Girdher 1 , Bhawna Goyal 2 , Ayush Dogra 3 , Anaahat Dhindsa 4 , Sumit Budhiraja 5.

Multilevel Prioritization based Effective and Reliable Communication Model for Vehicular Network Kavita 1 , Gagandeep 2. Endoscopy Modified Fully Convolutional Neural Network for CA Design E.

Srinivasarao 1 , Ch. Raghava Prasad 2. Applicability of Inspirations from Nature and Wisdom from Vernacular Architecture in Synergy with AI for Design of Sustainable Buildings Gaurav Singh 1 , Manoj Kumar 2 , Bhavesh Joshi 3 , Shailendra Kumar 4 , Anjani Kumar Shukla 5.

Challenges of the Indonesian Bureaucracy in the Industrial Revolution Era 4. An Efficient and Effective Forest Surveillance System to Prevent Malicious Activities using LoRa Chandra. Usha Kiruthika 2 , Dinesh Kumar. S 3 , Anish. S 4 , Kabilesh. Appropriate Green Materials for Affordable Building Construction in Nigeria Shogo Musbau Adeniyi 1 , Sarajul Fikri Mohamed 2 , Moronfoye Sikiru Ademola 3. Tracking of Potholes and Measurement of Noise and Illumination Level in Roadways Judy Simon 1 , S.

Mayuri 3 , R. S Rajam 4. Processing and Testing of Epoxy Polymer Composites using Tender Palm Shoot Fiber and Aluminium Particles as Hybrid Reinforcements V. Thulasikanth 1 , T. Geethapriyan 2 , R. Deepak 3 , K B. Puranjay 4 , K. Hemanth Reddy 5. FQ-BF: An Efficient Forwarding and Query Optimization Framework based on Bloom Filters in NDN Arshdeep Singh 1 , Gurjit Singh Bhathal 2.

Smart Reserved Parking System using Internet of Things IoT S. Muthamil Selvan 1 , Richard Roy 2 , Leo Deepak 3 , Sanjay Kumar.

IOT Based Gesture Recognition for Smart Controlling Ketki P. Kshirsagar 1 , Rajeshree Rokade 2 , Dhanapal Kamble 3. Energy Efficient MAC Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network using Cross-Layer Design Manisha R.

Dhage 1 , Srikanth Vemuru 2. Hand Gesture Robot Car using ADXL T. Chandraleka 1 , Blasubramaniam R 2 , Balasubramanian S 3 , Karthikeyan S 4 , Jayaraj R 5. Photovoltaic Pumping System Fed by DC-DC Push Pull Converter N. Chandrasekaran 1 , A. Karthikeyan 2.

Complexities in Implementing the Frame Work of E-Governance Plan of Indian Government in using with Developmental for Tamilnadu Citizens- By using Data Mining Methods Jayachandran.

Nirmala 2. Effect of Lightweight Waste-Based Aggregate on Lightweight Concrete Salmia Beddu 1 , Zakaria Che Muda 2 , Daud Mohamad 3 , Agusril 4 , Sivakumar Naganathan 5 , Fadzli Mohamed Nazri 6 , S N Sadon 7 , M Hanafi 8. The Effect of Financial Distress, Debt Default and Audit Tenure on Going Concern Opinion Bambang Leo Handoko 1 , Mahdi Kusuma 2.

Process Development for the Value Addition of Banana Central Core Pseudo Stem D. Tiroutchelvame 1 , M. Pragalyaashree 2 , Dayanand Peter 3. Air Traffic Forecasting using Time Series Models Manohar Dingari 1 , D. Mallikarjuna Reddy 2 , V. Sumalatha 3. Targeting and Design Procedure for Water-using Networks with Single Contaminant Mai Mohamed Refaat 1 , Said Ali 2 , Mustafa Awad 3.

Optimizing Energy Utilization in Ant Based Multipath Routing Jaideep Atri 1 , Shuchita Upadhyaya 2. A Numerical Method for Solving Nonlinear Equations Arising in Astrophysics Z.

Zaki 1 , Naeem Ahmad 2 , Marwa I. Ghonamy 3 , F. Abd El-Salam 4 , A. Azam 5. Topology Optimization of Automotive Gear using Fea Mit Patel 1 , Hadiya Valiulla 2 , Vinay Khatod 3 , Bhavin Chaudhary 4 , Vikas Gondalia 5. Factors of E- Learning among Rural People of Cuddalore Region L. Automated Date Fruits Sorting Machine using Fuzzy Logic Controller Kumaravel. Reference Evapotranspiration Assessment Techniques for Estimating Crop Water Requirement N.

Seenu 1 , R M Kuppan Chetty 2 , Taarun Srinivas 3 , K M Adithya Krishna 4 , Ashish Selokar 5. E-Business Innovation Model of Setiu Wetland Resources for Women Entrepreneurship Program Mustafa Man 1 , Wan Aezwani Wan Abu Bakar 2 , Suriyani Muhamad 3 , Noraida Hj Ali 4 , Masita Masila Abd.

Jalil 5. Evaluating the Performance of Daylighting Inside Interior Spaces of Historic and Ancient Buildings for Identifying Strategies of Designing Facade Openings of Future Buildings Abdullah Haredy. The Impact of Environmental Policies That Influence Job Market Noor Mala Othman 1 , Adib Farhan Zaime 2 , Lai Chee Sern 3 , Azman Hasan 4 , Salina Md. Said 5 , Anies Faziehan Zakaria 6 , Lee Ming Foong 7. Enhanced Support Vector Machine Based Leukaemia Cancer Classification T. Preethi 1 , D.

Maheswari 2. Automation Anywhere Tool for Student University Result Vinod Mane 1 , Ashwini Abhale 2 , Sumit Khandelwal 3 , Preeti Patil 4.

Financial Inclusion and Economic Growth Utilizing Panel Co-Integration Ayushi Raichoudhury. MP-K-Means: Modified Partition Based Cluster Initialization Method for K-Means Algorithm Manoj Kumar Gupta 1 , Pravin Chandra 2. Retention of Andhra Telecom Circle GSM Mobile Subscribers Dasari Siloyam 1 , Rajesh C. Jampala 2. Quality of Service of New Generation Banks in Vellore District V. Sivapprakash 1 , S. Venkatesh 2.

Hilda Malar 1 , R. Venkatraman 2 , J. Amutha Monica 3. Managerial Entrepreneurial Competencies Required By Technical College Students: Pilot Test Abubakar Ibrahim Muhammad 1 , Yusri Bin Kamin 2 , Nur Husna Binti Abd. Wahid 3 , Waleed Mugahed Al-Rahmi 4. The Interrelationship Between Controlled and Uncontrolled Factors Affecting The Percentage of Value Added of Wheat To GDP In Egypt Doaa Wafik Nada 1 , Assem Tharwat 2.

Design and Implementation of Energy Efficient Power Gated MALFA Cell K. Murugan 1 , S. Baulkani 2. Cold Chain Monitoring System for Vaccine using Iot Kishore Kumar K 1 , Balaji S. M 2 , Yeshwanth M 3 , Pavan Teja N 4.

Experimental Analysis of Natural Sand with Crushed Sand of M20 Concrete Mix Imam Korabu 1 , Chetan Pise 2. Partial Replacement of Cement With Combination of Alccofine and Marble Dust for Development of Sustainable Concrete Revati P.

Sawant 1 , Sudhanshu Pathak 2 , Sachin Mane 3. Anatomization of Cost and Time Control Factors in Construction Helis Joseph Prem F 1 , Mahalakshmi Mathivanan 2. An Empirical Note on Delhi Weather Effects in the Indian Stock Market Chinnadurai Kathiravan 1 , Murugesan Selvam 2 , Marxia Oli.

Sigo 3 , Indulekha K 4. Problems Face by Cosmetic Product towards Online Purchasingin Nagercoil K. Dhanalakshmi 1 , I. Samuel Sundar Singh 2. Predicting Indian Stock Prices through Sentiment Score and Data Mining Techniques Govind S 1 , Narayanan Prasanth 2 , Sureshkumar WI 3 , Balamurugan R 4.

An Intelligent Energy Management Frame Work using Fuzzy Logic for Grid Connected Hybrid Energy System V. Dega Rajaji 1 , K. Chandra Sekhar 2. Experimental and Numerical Delving Of Full Spiral Shell and Tube EGR Cooler Jayant H. Bhangale 1 , Ajay L. Krishnani 2. Complex Multipliers: Implementation using Efficient Algorithms for Signal Processing Application Aniket Kumar 1 , R.

Agarwal 2. Ensemble Classification Model for Diabetes Prediction in Data Mining Munendra Kumar 1 , Anuj Kumar 2. Corporate Social Responsibility: An Indian Perspective Ganga R Menon 1 , N Madhava Menon 2. Marcelin Vasantha 1 , V. Renewable Energy from Cooking Stove Waste Heat Energy using Thermoelectric Generator for Night Market Application Mohd Arizam bin Abdul Wahap 1 , Mohammad Haidir bin Maslan 2 , Mohd Sharimienizam bin Harun 3 , A Shamsul Rahimi bin Subki 4 , Sharizal bin Saat 5.

An Implementation of Harmonic Suppression in 3 Φ Inverter using SVPWM M. Selvaperumal 1 , D. Kirubakaran 2. Eugenia Jambolana Lam. Seed as an Adsorbent: Evaluation of Adsorptive Characteristics for Cr VI from Aqueous Solution Nitish Gupta.

Fully Automatic Solar Powered Oil-Water Separation System for Grease Trap Controlled by Arduino: A Conceptual Design Mohamed Saiful Firdaus Hussin 1 , Halyani Mohd Yassim 2 , Azrul Abidin Zakaria 3 , Ridhwan Jumaidin 4 , Muhd Ridzuan Mansor 5 , Mastura Mohammad Taha 6.

Enhancement Open Circuit Voltage of Calcium Titanate AR Coated Magnesium Solar Cell K. Oficiální scénář k filmovému hitu ze světa Harryho Pottera. Profesor Albus Brumbál ví, že mocný černokněžník Grindelwald chce ovládnout kouzelnický Výtěžek z prodeje této knihy věnujeme zastupitelskému úřadu Ukrajiny v ČR k nákupu obranného vojenského materiálu.

Z krátké diskuse na Twitteru Kam se bude svět ubírat v V knize Moc geografie v století, bezprostředně navazující na mezinárodní bestseller V zajetí geografie, Zdálo by se, že ji stvořily jedinečné formy plus Quinn je cool a oblíbený.

Matilda má nos věčně zabořený ve fantasy románech a rozhodně není jeho typ. Když však Quinna jedné noci napadnou strašidelné Druhý díl temné fantasy série o střetu božské a lidské touhy po moci Cesta za dvanácti náramky započala. Jenže v zemi, kde se právě probudila Pod šeptajícími dveřmi je vtipná a laskavá fantasy ze současnosti o duchovi, který odmítá odejít, a o převozníkovi, do kterého se zamiluje. Už jsou to čtyři roky, co se Země s nasazením všech svých sil postavila Dlouhánům a lidstvo zabránilo svému vyhlazení.

Ve Sluneční soustavě konečně Románová freska začíná nástupem Jana Lucemburského na český trůn a končí smrtí jeho syna římského císaře a českého krále Karla IV. Je to Krátce před francouzskými prezidentskými volbami v roce se na síti objeví video, které jako by ukazovalo popravu možného kandidáta Bruna Jugeho Říká se, že pokud chcete změnit svět, musíte ho nejprve spálit. Nyní se tato moudrost otestuje v tavicím tyglíku revoluce: Bořiči a Paliči se chopili Na boji zmítané planetě Vergast se komisař Ibram Gaunt a jeho muži ocitnou lapeni uprostřed prastaré a krvavé občanské války, která záhy přeroste Pro houbaře a milovníky lesa od

Just after a. on Sept. An aquarium in Berlin that was home to around 1, exotic fish burst early on Friday, prompting aro.. A quick look at using our MEME generator here on Itemfix You can find the meme generator here: www.

Taking a look at the text to speech engine on ItemFix. Let's see what you can do with it! You can find the text to speech tool here: www. Learn how to use the "It was at this moment Perfect for accidents, stupidity, marriage proposals and more!

For this tutorial we use two different templates to create a short tutorial using two video clips and some assets. Here we take a look at using the Video to GIF template allowing you to create animated GIFs from video clips to use everywhere. video item. Truck loses control Brakes failure Girls safe Vehicles Accident. By: SkyBlueJack Man with fire motorcycle. Driver over speeding car Highway car over speeding Suspect taken over dose Suspect arrested.

By: ThisIsButter1 By: brrrtmn What is ItemFix? Let's look at what you can do with ItemFix. Tutorial: ItemFix Meme Generator A quick look at using our MEME generator here on Itemfix You can find the meme generator here: www.

Tutorial: Text to Speech Taking a look at the text to speech engine on ItemFix. It was at this moment a meme tutorial Learn how to use the "It was at this moment ItemFix Tutorial - Short compilation For this tutorial we use two different templates to create a short tutorial using two video clips and some assets.

Video to GIF tutorial Here we take a look at using the Video to GIF template allowing you to create animated GIFs from video clips to use everywhere. Benny Hill Overlay Tutorial How to use our "Benny Hill" overlay. Popular Tools Image Meme Generator Text to Speech. Popular Tags Fail Thug Life WTF News Politics Feel Good Meme.

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Research publications reflect the views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of our funders or of the staff, binary option matin robot, officers, advisory councils, or board of directors of the Public Policy Institute of California. Tutorial: ItemFix Meme Generator A quick look at using our MEME generator here on Itemfix You can find the meme generator here: www. Enhancement of Transient State in Binary option matin robot Techniques for PV Grid Connected System Neha Sunil Dahate 1N. Družina ztracených Urban Jan Druhý díl temné fantasy série o střetu božské a lidské touhy po moci Cesta za dvanácti náramky započala. An Augmented Reality-Based Simulation Guide for Apparel Assembly De Silva R. Improved Text Mining Algorithm for Fault Detection using Combined D-Matrix Ashish P.