VULTR: First impression

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I’s in search for a cheaper cloud service and VULTR is definitely one of them.

My first impression isn’t so great as it took more than 20min to provision a CentOS 7 instance. I’m starting to doubt if the instance will ever come up, or they have really really slow SSD, or their provisioning module isn’t working.


The CentOS 7 instance, according to VULTR, uses more resources and could not fit into the smallest instance. That’s silly but since I’ve already paid my initial investment, I have to burn my credits anyway. Yup, you need to charge the account before you can deploy the first instance.

The portal is rather simple, there isn’t a whole lot of options to play with. CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD, CoreOS, and Windows 2012 R2 instances are available. Interestingly, there is an option to deploy custom-ISOs. Location-wise, they have 13 PODs to choose from:


Update: 75 minute later, the instance is still “installing”. I got in touch with their support half hour ago, their support responded immediately despite it’s 3am their time. Initial response time is great, but resolution time is not so good.

Update 2: Support indirectly acknowledging the provisioning problem and offered to spin up the instance manually. Perhaps I’ll come back and give it another try in a few months.

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