Enable GPU acceleration on Chrome/Ubuntu

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Ever feel your browser always perform slower on Linux or taking more cpu then other OS platforms? Well I did and as it turns out, I can manually enable GPU acceleration. Check out the instructions in this link.

Do you have it enabled? Quickly check by opening chrome://gpu

To enable it, see instructions on http://www.webupd8.org/2014/01/enable-hardware-acceleration-in-chrome.html

To see GPU’s utilization, radeontop works on AMD chips. I realise I didn’t have hardware acceleration enabled for the past 3 years and once enabled, I could’ve help myself from getting a faster display card. Here is a quick comparison using fishgl.com

Before upgrading, I was using HD5450

Upgraded to R7 250 and it is so much faster! Getting 60FPS and radeontop tells me GPU is only 50% used.

That should help with compiz.

And because GPU is now more powerful, the chip is actually 5 degrees cooler than before.


On Ubuntu/Chrome 84, I turned on vulkan acceleration. Go to chrome://flags/#enable-accelerated-videom toggle the vulkan option. Restart the browser and then check its status in chrome://gpu/

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