GNU moreutils

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Moreutils comes with additional Unix utilities. Sysadmin loves tools. Let’s see what tools are available.

# dpkg -L moreutils | grep /usr/bin/

Now let’s see what they do:
lckdo – run a program with a lock held
ts – add a timestamp prefix to input
sponge – buffer inputs before writing to output
chronic – run command silently unless it fails or crashes
ifne – run command if stdin is not empty
vidir – edit filenames in a directory with vi
pee – pile outputs to commands
zrun – automatically uncompress arguments to command
vipe – pipe to vi, allows manual editing, and then pipe to next command
isutf8 – check whether files are valid UTF-8
ifdata – get network interface info without parsing ifconfig output (e.g. ifdata -pa virbr0 #prints just the IP address)
combine – combine sets of lines from two files using boolean operations
errno – look up errno names and descriptions
parallel – run programs in parallel
mispipe – pipe two commands, returning the exit status of the first

I absolutely love these utilities and have been using some of them for a while.

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