RDP v10.0

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I usually don’t care much about RDP version, as long as I can see the remote desktop clearly. I usually set the resolution to a small one with a lower color depth (15-bit). Recently, I realize RDP has been advanced quite a bit. I can get much better remote display quality. Below is a comparison of several protocols supported by Remmina.

I’m running Windows 10 VM in qemu. Video controller is set to virtio. On my Ubuntu desktop I use Remmina version 1.4.0 to connect to this VM. I noticed there are several options for color depth. Here are what they look like.





I’m looking for sharp text. For me, GFX RFX works best. AVC420 comes in second. I don’t notice any performance difference between these 4. That may be because the server and client both reside on the same machine and there is no network latency. I honestly do not know what the differences are between these 4 color depths.

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